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Foreign Investment Laws in Turkey

Finlexia is a globally recognized Turkish Accounting Firm with a long record of excellence and professional leadership in Istanbul, Turkey. Our Turkish accountants are prepared to handle your company’s Foreign Investment Laws in Turkey.

Finlexia handles all kinds of accounting services required to run your company in Turkey. We offer the best accounting services, at competitive prices to foreign businessmen who already established or getting ready to establish a company in Turkey.

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Foreign Investment Laws in Turkey

As the complexity of foreign investment laws in Turkey and business transactions continues to increase, Finlexia Accounting Firm’s experts advise clients on how to effectively navigate this difficult terrain by developing creative, practical, and cost-effective solutions to investing in Turkey.

Our foreign investment lawyers use their in-depth knowledge and expertise to help our clients achieve their business goals and objectives in the most tax-efficient manner.

As the 19th largest economy in the world and 6th in Europe, with a growth average rate of 4.8% per year for the last 8 years, Turkey has attracted approximately 100 billion dollars of foreign direct investment over the last ten years.

Foreign Investment Laws in Turkey

Our Services for Foreign Investment in Turkey

Finlexia Accounting Firm has the most extensive legal expertise and a great track record to help foreign investments to be smooth and efficient processes. More than 60% of our clients are foreign investors operating in Turkey. Accordingly, our expertise in assisting foreign investors is among the most prominent in the Turkish legal market.

In addition to a wide range of legal services foreign investors may need, Finlexia Accounting Firm also acts as a guide for investors, assisting them in understanding Turkey’s legal and economic environment.

Finlexia Accounting Firm supports its clients directly or with reliable referrals for any additional services that may be needed including virtual office formations, outsourced accounting, and tax submissions.

In Turkish legal practice, not many Turkish law firms offer a strong litigation team and a full variety of dispute resolution services along with professional consulting and corporate law services. Finlexia Accounting Firm is among few offices proudly stating litigation as one of its strong suits.

We try cases virtually in all areas of trial practice and across a wide range of issues. Our litigation department is well equipped to handle any type of inquiry and we aggressively pursue and promote the interests of our foreign investor clients in any dispute and before all available venues.

Foreign Investment Incentives In Turkey

We have an open office policy for our litigation services. We work closely with our foreign investor clients and keep them informed at all stages. We assist and lead them to make informed strategic decisions.

Our wide range of litigation services is not limited to but contains subjects of corporate and commercial litigation, breach of contracts, product liability and consumer protection, torts, labor and employment, white collar crimes, real estate and construction disputes, tax, regulatory, and administrative fines and measures.

We offer our corporate and individual clients assistance for obtaining work and residence permits both for independent purposes or for employees inclusive of their immediate family members.

We help with drafting and filing necessary documents and submissions to relevant authorities and our associates escort expatriates and their families when their actual presence is required.

In cases of rejections for permission applications, fines issued by administrative authorities, or deportation issues including the ban of access, we offer our clients representation for litigating against such decisions or measures.

Here at Finlexia Accounting Firm, we aim to help our foreign clients to feel the comfort of concrete and swift legal support as if they were home.

The attorneys at Finlexia Accounting Firm are committed to providing our clients with the highest quality of representation. Our attorneys practice with professionalism, commitment to excellence, and detailed preparation to achieve clients’ objectives.

Reach us for Foreign Investment Laws in Turkey

Since its foundation, Finlexia Turkish Accounting Firm has been the choice of numerous clients in Turkey. Thanks to its nationally recognized accountants and accounting services, our accounting firm is now one of the leading accounting firms in Istanbul, Turkey.

You may reach our accountants and lawyers for Foreign Investment Laws in Turkey by sending an email or filling in Contact Form on the Contact page.

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