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Legal Audits in Turkey: Gain Peace of Mind

Legal audits in Turkey are pivotal for businesses aiming to uphold regulatory compliance and mitigate risks effectively. At Finlexia Accounting Firm, our tailored approach to legal audits encompasses meticulous reviews of contracts, licenses, and regulatory documents to ensure adherence to Turkish laws and industry standards.

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The process typically begins with defining the audit’s scope and objectives, followed by collecting and examining relevant documents. Legal auditors conduct thorough reviews, engage in detailed discussions with key personnel, and perform a comprehensive compliance check against the legal framework.

Finlexia handles all kinds of advisory services, and accounting services required to run your company in Turkey. We offer the best accounting services, at competitive prices to foreign businessmen who are already established or getting ready to establish a company in Turkey.

Legal audits in Turkey are a comprehensive review and examination of a company’s legal compliance and adherence to applicable laws and regulations. These audits aim to identify any legal risks, ensure compliance with legal standards, and provide a clear understanding of the company’s legal standing.

Legal audits are crucial for businesses to maintain their legal integrity and avoid potential legal issues that could affect their operations.

Legal Audits in Turkey

The process of conducting legal audits in Turkey involves several systematic steps to ensure a thorough examination and accurate results. Here is a detailed overview of how these audits are performed:

Planning and Preparation:

  • Scope Definition: The audit begins with defining the scope, objectives, and key areas to be reviewed.
  • Document Collection: Gathering relevant documents such as contracts, agreements, compliance records, and legal filings.

Review and Analysis:

  • Document Examination: Detailed review of collected documents to identify any discrepancies or non-compliance issues.
  • Interviews and Discussions: Engaging with key personnel to understand internal processes and practices.

Compliance Check:

  • Legal Framework Analysis: Comparing the company’s practices against the relevant laws and regulations.
  • Risk Assessment: Identifying potential legal risks and areas of non-compliance.


  • Findings Report: Compiling a comprehensive report detailing the findings, identified risks, and areas of non-compliance.
  • Recommendations: Providing actionable recommendations to address any issues and improve compliance.


  • Implementation Support: Assisting the company in implementing recommended changes.
  • Continuous Monitoring: Offering ongoing support to ensure sustained compliance.

The responsibilities in conducting legal audits in Turkey are shared among various stakeholders, each playing a critical role in ensuring a successful audit process:

Audit Team:

  • Auditors: Responsible for planning, conducting, and reporting on the audit. They examine documents, interview personnel, and provide recommendations.
  • Legal Advisors: Provide expert insights on legal standards and help in interpreting laws and regulations relevant to the audit.

Company Management:

  • Executives: Ensure cooperation and provide necessary resources for the audit process.
  • Compliance Officers: Work closely with auditors to provide documentation and facilitate the audit process.


  • Key Personnel: Participate in interviews and discussions, offering insights into internal processes and practices.
  • Support Staff: Assist in document collection and organization.

As auditors in Turkey, our Turkish accountants provide independent, objective, and reliable audit opinions on financial statements.

  • Auditing services for financial statements
  • Preparation of financial statements
  • IFRS reporting
  • Systems and process assurance
  • Assistance with capital market transactions
  • Corporate reporting
  • Internal Audits
  • Financial risk management
  • Due diligence
  • Company valuation
Turkish Accounting Services in Istanbul Turkey

Experience and Respectful Reputation in Turkey

Finlexia has the knowledge and expertise necessary to help you with complex financial accounting issues. Our firm audits many of Turkey’s best-known companies and many other large and small organizations.

Our audit approach, at the leading edge of best practice, is tailored to suit the size and nature of your organization and draws upon our extensive industry knowledge. Our deep understanding of regulation and legislation means we can also help with complex reporting issues involving International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).

Additionally, we are leaders in the development of non-financial performance reporting, helping our clients respond to the need for greater transparency, improved corporate governance, and business models based on sustainability principles.

Legal audits in Turkey are essential for businesses to maintain compliance with legal standards and mitigate potential legal risks. By understanding what legal audits are, how they are conducted, and the responsibilities involved, companies can ensure a thorough and effective audit process.

At Finlexia Accounting Firm, we are committed to helping our clients navigate the complexities of legal compliance through meticulous and comprehensive legal audits. For more information on legal audits in Turkey or to schedule an audit, please contact us today.

You may reach our accountants and lawyers for legal audits in Turkey by visiting our Contact page.

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